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 …. Irrespective of how chronic it is, this proven natural remedy has helped others like you totally get freedom from pile effortlessly without any side effect. Be free from pains, discomfort and stress that comes with suffering it…..

Kindly Take Your Time And Read Below. If You’re A Pile Sufferer, Trust Me Reading This Is Worth It

At Any phase, Pile Is Dangerous… If NOT permanently treated Can Develop Into Other Complications As Listed Above…

Before I go on to FINALLY hand you a proven, natural solution to your pile. It will be good you see the different GRADES OF PILE, so you can know the best solution to it.

GRADE 1 PILE: these are small inflammation and swelling in the anus, they are not always visible but you Feel it
GRADE 2 PILE: at this stage it graduates to a small swelling that only comes out drunk lung stooling but it goes back unaided!
GRADE 3 PILE: this is the grade where they are visibility outside the anus and you feel them, but can easily be pushed back.. this stage is very dangerous!
GRADE 4 PILE: This is the stage where the doctor advises a surgery because you are at a risk of anal cancer!
That said…


My name is James, aged 42, a father of 2 kids from Lagos State. My story had evolved from sad to good and from good to better. I’ve been experiencing pile for over a year and I didn’t know where else to go to. When it started, I didn’t put so much meaning to it until it became serious. I was feeling regularly constipated, Whenever i stool, I bleed and my stool was usually really hard. Started noticing lumps on my anus which was really painful. This really affected my work. It was painful and very embarrassing.

After spending tons on several pharmace^tical dr^gs and zero results, My Doctor recommended surgery because i was in a severe condition, They called it Grade 3 pile. I didn’t like the idea of surgery but the doctor stated that it was the only way. I booked an appointment and my surgery was scheduled for 45 days.
While waiting for the surgery day, I looked up the internet one day and i found a funny story about a miraculous pile capsule and ointment. I called and decided to give one bottle (N27,500) a try. They delivered in less than 24 hrs after i ordered and i started using it.

Fast forward to 5 days, my bleeding stopped. I called Shola(The retailer) and shared the testimonial. He told me to continue that i’ll get further results. I stopped feeling pains and the lump started to shrink in less than 30 days. Immediately, I called to cancel the surgery because I felt huge relief than i ever did with this cheap solution. My surgery cost over x10 (over N270,000) of this Beta pile pack but the value and comfort i got from the R3 pile pack was worth more than the cost.


I stopped at 1 bottle treatment even after what was recommended was 2-3packs (3months treatment). I started observing pain and was beginning to drown in worries if i’d ever get a solution to this pile wahala. i called Shola and he told me to get the full treatment (conversation at december 3, 2019). I didn’t complain cos’ i already tried a pack and for sure, It worked for me. They delivered within 24hrs as usual and i completed the dose. I saw changes; I mean huge changes. I used the dosages as I was directed to.I can confidently tell you that I am a Survivor of Grade 3 Pile because of R3 pile pack. That’s the reason why I’m here today after a lot of money. Here is my testimony, rough and tough though but I came through- I am a survivor. I highly recommend the full treatment. It’ll save you the cost my brothers and sisters.

That’s why I am introducing this to you today for you to benefit from what I too have benefited from while taking a risk. I can assure you it works with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.

NOTEThis discovery is based on researches and the results from those who had taken this product. I’m glad to tell you that it has been proven to be effective. You also can enjoy the Amazing Discount if YOU Order Today! Don’t Miss Out. 

Clear Symptoms Of Pile Include:

  •  Anal infections as a result of the protrusion of the anus, exposing it to direct infections.
  •  Constant bleeding. At this time you would carry tissue paper around as drips of blood always comes out of your anus. It can be embarrassing!
  •  Anal cancer… if care is not taken, an early stage pile can eventually lead to cancer of the anus (where your anus leaks uncontrollably and you can’t be able to pass out stools. imagine passing out stool through your stomach with a pipe connected!)


These Pack Was Made Out Of Herbal Greens…Guaranteed To Tackle Any Grade Of Pile 100% Effective And Certain!

Clear Symptoms Of Pile Include:

  •  bleeding when you have a bowel movement – you may see blood (usually bright red) on toilet paper or drips in the toilet or on the surface of your poo
  •  a lump in or around your anus
  •  a slimy discharge of mucus from your anus
  •  a feeling of ‘fullness’ and discomfort in your anus, or a feeling that your bowels haven’t completely emptied after going to the toilet.
  •  itchy or sore skin around your anus
  •  pain and discomfort during stooling (or after you go to the toilet.)

More Severe Symptoms Are:

  •  Anal infections as a result of the protrusion of the anus, exposing it to direct infections.
  •  Constant bleeding. At this time you would carry tissue paper around as drips of blood always comes out of your anus. It can be embarrassing!
  •  Anal cancer… if care is not taken, an early stage pile can eventually lead to cancer of the anus (where your anus leaks uncontrollably and you can’t be able to pass out stools. imagine passing out stool through your stomach with a pipe connected!)

This Amazing R3 Herbal Ointment & Capsule;

  • Heals hemorrhoids, anal fissure, prolapse of the anus.
  • Detoxifies the inflamed area and stops bleeding, pain and swelling;
  • Quickly relieves itching, burning and discomfort
  • Removes putrid tissue and promotes the growth of new tissue
  • Herbal formula for instant relief, quick healing and prevention.


  • Have you ever had sleepless nights because of Itchy anus, red and sore anus?
  •  Are you tired of wasting money on treatments that do not work… you are tired of taking alot of shitty treatment
  •  Have you had Dissatisfaction after stooling (like you feel you still have some stools to pass and your bowels are not empty)
  •  Have you experienced Pain during stooling, you feel literal pain when stooling?.
  •  Do you experience pain while using the toilet?
  •  Have you ever cried because of severe Physical swollen hard lump in your anus.

The Unusual Miraculous Way I Discovered This Solution Is Funny!

Today you can be permanently FREE of from these worthless pains!

No matter your age and how long you’ve had PILE… Even if your doc has told you that your disease is permanent and has no solution, that it would go and come (that’s a big lie).

Now, you can finally say goodbye to the countless visits to your doctor, the depression, and inability to seat down, discomfort that comes with pile.

Testimony 1: First, I must apologize for doubting for a whole 5 weeks. But would you blame me? I never thought a product as simple as this would be the answer to my years of agony in the hands of hemorrhoids, after my failed surgery. Thank goodness for this product.

– Ahmed

Testimony 2:Hi Shola, thanks for your great natural Piles therapy and priceless advice. I totally understand what you mean about never-ending hemorrhoid creams, they are just there to make money for pharmaceutical companies. I have suffered from chronic hemorrhoids for more than 5 years now, but just after 2 weeks of using your Natural R3 Piles Remedy, my hemorrhoids are gone! I still can’t believe it.

I am definitely going to share this with some of my friends who also have hemorrhoids. Thanks again for what you are doing and I really appreciate your help. Who would have thought that this problem could be solved so easily and naturally!

Patrick, Jos!

Testimony 3:I was pretty desperate to find a solution for curing my Piles [hemorrhoids], but whatever I tried didn’t seem to make a difference. It was a huge of wasted time and money. So when I came across your Natural Therapy on Internet, I thought I would give it a try, as I had nothing to lose. To my surprise, hemorrhoids eased-up the next day and was completely gone in one week and since then I’ve had no problems at all. Feels like I’ve never even had hemorrhoids before! Thank you so much!

Edwin, Onitsha.

Mrs Richard. Lagos

I am truly grateful for this product, i bought it for my husband secretly and had to beg and plead with him to take it because he has tried many things that didn’t work.

honestly this R3 PILE PACK is a wonder, my husbands sleepless nights and itches has drastically reduced, i am now a marketer for this product oh.. highly recommended, please buy for everyone you love. They even have a 100% refund policy..Be rest assured

Here’s How To Grab A Slot Today… Before The 97 Remaining Beta Pile Pack Disappear…

This package consists A Herbal Capsule. The combination is the most effective pack for Piles. Quick relief in less than 30 days



  •  It contains 60 capsules!
  •  Take 1 capsule twice daily for 30 days (1 Morning and 1 at night)


  •  Put a pinch the ointment in a very hot water and seat on it, allow the steam go into your anus!
  •  Or apply to your anal area 3 times daily

I Know You Can’t Wait To Lay Your Hands On This Guaranteed Herbal Hemorrhoid Solution… But WAIT!


Well, in Dr. Taylor tested people at 90 days, and then at 60 days.

By 60 days, about 80% of the grade 1-3 participants had gotten their total treatments

By 90 days, 100% of the grade 2-4 had reversed their Pile Totally.

The fastest it’s happened was 10 days.

So if you start using the Beta Pile Pack today, you could be pile free in less than 30 -60days. Guaranteed!!


  • Your 1st Month with R3 PILE PACK: A lot of people with Grade 1 and Grade 2 experience total results here. But for Grade 3, They’ll experience the relief, Bleeding will stop and lumps will go inside.
  • Your 2nd Month with R3 PILE PACK (Recommended for Grade2-3): A week from today, you’ll realize you’ve experienced less pain and no sign of bleeding. If you suffer from painful, tingling and severe anal strain, you should notice that starting to disappear totally and you’ll be relieved rom pile permanently.
  • Your 3rd Month with R3 PILE PACK (Recommended for Grade3-4): Over the next couple months, as you finish the R3 Pile Pack, your body will kick back into gear, and you’ll feel totally free. No lumps, No Bleeding and no signs of hemorrhoids. You’ll be able to talk to your doctor, and see the surprised look on his face just like I saw on my doctor’s face when he saw my Grade 4 Pile was gone.


(1 MONTH TREATMENT) It costs ₦45,000BUT FOR TODAY,BUY FOR ₦30,000


 It costs ₦70,000 BUT FOR TODAY,BUY FOR ₦50,000

3 R3 PILE KIT (COMPLETE PACK) It costs ₦110,000


NOTE: The offer is up for just 24 hours. Meaning, you won’t get it for those prices anymore once the time elapse. Take actions today so as not to pay more in the future. 

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

If You Are Still Doubting The Product Or You Are Not Ready To Buy The Product In 5DAYS TIME Don’t Bother Placing Order Thanks.

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